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Benefits of a New Front Door

Changing out your old front door with a new one is a simple project that can have a huge impact. From enhanced curb appeal to reduced maintenance and more, learn why homeowners are choosing to upgrade their entry doors.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your front door is not just a door where guests and family enter your home, it is the statement piece of the front of your home.  A new front door can transform your home’s exterior.  Changing the color, picking a different style, adding decorative glass, or converting a door with sidelights to a double door can make your home reflect your style. Modern, craftsman, or custom iron doors are but a few varieties that will complement your home. Check out some before and after pictures to see the transformations on real homes. 

Higher Home Value

When your home’s curb appeal increases, an increase in your home’s value might follow.  According to Remodeling Magazine’ Cost vs Value 2023 report, a new Front Door Grand Entrance has a return on investment of 49%.  As part of your home’s exterior façade, a new front door that looks stylish and performs well adds value.  It can also attract protentional buyers, helping your chances of selling.

Improved Security

Door locking systems have improved.  You are no longer limited to a simple single or double bored locking handle set.  Three-point locking systems are a great way to add additional security by locking the door to the frame at the top of the door, the middle of the door, and the bottom of the door in order to keep your home more secure.

Reduced Maintenance

All door systems have some required maintenance depending on material, and exposure to weather-related elements like rain, snow, humidity or sun.  Wood doors require the most maintenance (yearly staining and sealing), while fiberglass, steel, and iron have the least.  New door framing systems now are available in rot-resistant or all composite frames, and exterior trim is available in all non-rot all composite material, so no more unsightly rot issues at the bottom of the door, or on the exterior trim.

Better Energy Efficiency

Doors are a common source of drafts and leaks in a home.  If not installed properly, doors can be a major reason for an uncomfortable home and higher utility bills.  Properly installed and sealed doors that have dual pane Low-E glass can help improve the comfort level in your home, and help reduce utility bills.

Controlled Privacy and Light

Adding glass to a front door will allow more light in your foyer, and can make the front of the home feel more open.  With multiple design options to choose from, you can determine how much light is let in, and how much privacy you want the glass to have. Adding glass does not mean losing privacy!  You can choose from various textured, obscure, or decorative glass options to pick the right privacy level for your home.

Transform Your Entryway with EntryPoint

Replacing your existing front door with a new front door offers a variety of benefits, including enhanced curb appeal, improved security and better energy efficiency. If you're looking to replace your door, contact EntryPoint today for a free estimate.

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