5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows

There are various reasons to replace windows in a home. From necessity to aesthetics, replacement windows are a great way to increase home value and improve curb appeal.

If you’ve experienced one or more of the issues below, your home might need window replacement.

1. I have single-pane windows.

Common in homes built before 1970, single-pane windows are drafty and can be unsafe.

2. My energy bill is too high!

Older windows lack proper insulation and improper fitting can cause drafts to come in. This makes a home’s air conditioning and heating work harder.

3. It's too hard to clean my windows.

Most don’t bother cleaning their windows because it’s either difficult or dangerous to access them. With new window features, homeowners will want to clean their windows!

4. I can hear noise outside closed windows.

If noise can be heard when windows are closed, it’s likely they don’t have proper acoustic insulation.

5. My windows look bad.

Curb appeal sells houses. If windows look bad due to chipping, deterioration, or even style, it can deter future homebuyers.

Why Choose EntryPoint?

We make the order and installation process easy and as stress-free as possible. We’ll handle all of the scheduling and logistics so that our homeowners can enjoy the process. Our sales staff doesn’t work on commission, so they are truly there to help homeowners find the best windows for their budget. All of our installers are professional on-staff carpenters. We don’t sub-contract anything out so that we can make sure the installation process follows our high expectations for excellence.

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