5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows act as a barrier between your home and the outdoors. For many people, so long as the window is still intact there is no need to replace it. This can make them an overlooked feature of any home. From aesthetics to energy efficiency to the overall cost, there are many other criteria to consider when deciding whether to replace your windows.

You should consider window replacement if you’ve experienced one or more of the issues below. 


1. You have single-pane windows.

Single-pane windows were very common in homes built before 1970. Some people prefer them for their antique look and feel. However, single-pane windows are often drafty and can even be unsafe as they can be very easy to break. For these reasons, the industry standard now is to use double-pane windows (yes, two panes of glass. Those are a bit harder to shatter). Double-pane windows are more durable and better insulators, which can help keep energy costs down and noises—and other things—out.  So if your home is still rocking single panes, it might be time for an upgrade.

2. Your energy bill is too high.

Older windows lack proper insulation and improper fitting can cause drafts to come in. This makes your home’s air conditioning and heating work harder to regulate the overall temperature—not exactly the kind of work you want to pay for. By replacing your windows with ones that have higher energy efficiency, you can lower your energy bill, putting money back in your pocket. Explore energy-efficient options from top window brands.

3. Cleaning your windows is a nightmare.

 If your windows are cracked, scratched, or single-paned, it can be dangerous to place added pressure on them, thus making them difficult to clean with new windows, not only will they look better, but they’ll be safer to clean and maintain.

4. You can hear noise outside closed windows.

If you can hear your neighbors gossiping or the buzz of traffic go by even when your windows are closed, it’s likely they don’t have proper acoustic insulation. Fully insulated windows should block most sound from the outdoors. Looking for additional soundproofing? Triple-pane windows are an excellent option for homeowners looking to reduce outside noise from their homes.

5. Your windows just look bad.

Windows are an integral part of a home. They bring in light, they connect us with nature, and they are a focal point for décor. If you’re planning on selling your home, you need curb appeal—and that windows can impact it. If your windows look bad due to chipping, deterioration, or even style, they can deter future homebuyers. Investing in attractive windows will improve the overall look of your home and add appraisal value. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece like bay windows or something classic, we can help you find a window that fits your style and budget

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