Vinyl Replacement Windows

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When it comes to replacement windows, vinyl is and has been the go-to choice for many years now. Because of the energy efficiency, low maintenance, high durability & attractiveness, Vinyl windows are the perfect way to update windows easily & cost-effectively. They do not pit, rust or require repainting like wood and aluminum windows do.

Whether you need custom vinyl windows for picture, bay, transom or casements or traditional single or double hung vinyl windows, EntryPoint can help. Our vinyl windows are designed to help you increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, which can translate into lower utility bills, while adding to its resale value. Our windows can also eliminate costly maintenance, creating a good return on the investment.

Vinyl Window Maintenance

Vinyl replacement windows are very easy to take care of, eliminating window maintenance. Vinyl windows allow homeowners to focus on other parts of their life without worrying about the damaging effects of hot, humid summers and cold winters.

  • No sanding
  • No painting
  • No cleaning
  • No resurfacing

Reduced Energy Costs

Well-insulated vinyl windows separate the home from extreme exterior temperatures, which can help reduce the need for adjustments to heating and cooling systems. This translates into lower energy costs because HVAC systems are not working as hard to maintain indoor temperatures. The U.S. Department of Energy states that poorly insulated windows are to blame for 10% to 25% of a homeowner’s heating bill.

Not all vinyl windows are the same, however. The $189 replacement window that many low-end window companies offer is built to fail because it's not built of 100% virgin vinyl but filler ingredients. EntryPoint offers 100% virgin Vinyl windows that come standard with Low-E 2 glass. 

Stain & Custom Options

With changes in engineering, vinyl windows are available in many color options for the exterior and stain options for the interior. Colored stain options can add striking visual beauty to your home's exterior. The low-gloss finish always looks fresh and will never need painting. We can also coordinate your color choice with matching hardware to create a complete look.

Lastly, Vinyl windows offer a wealth of custom window features like interlocking meeting rails, sealed grids, angled or sloped sills, etc. 

Vinyl Window Durability

All of EntryPoint's Vinyl windows are UV-resistant, preventing sun damage to your home’s walls, floors and furnishings. These windows are designed to withstand the humid summers and the chilly winters of the South Eastern climate and remain strong and durable for the lifetime of your home.

When to Replace Vinyl Windows

New vinyl windows have an average lifespan of 20-40 years. If you're unsure if your windows need to be replaced, our team can offer a free in-home estimate to help assess your situation.


Vinyl Window Replacement costs vary depending on the size and shape of the desired window. In general, vinyl windows are a more affordable option compared to wood or composite. When you schedule an in-home consultation with our team, we can show you a variety of options that fit your budget & needs.

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