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Aluminum Clad Windows

For homeowners that really want the look of wood but don't want the upkeep, Aluminum clad is a great option. These windows can give a modern, high-end feel and are one of the few window options that come with pre-finished black interior. 

The Low Maintenance Wood Window

Aluminum clad windows consist of a 100% wooden frame that is coated with aluminum on the exterior facing side, called a cladding. Cladding is essentially a coat of aluminum that protects the wood from the elements and eliminates the need for painting. This creates a virtually maintenance free wood window. 

What's the difference between Aluminum & Vinyl Clad windows?

Aluminum clad windows are almost identical to vinyl clad windows. The main difference is that aluminum clad comes in almost limitless combinations of styles, sizes & options. These windows can be painted any color, making them more customizable than vinyl clad.

Aluminum Clad Window Features

  • The bent & folded aluminum on the exterior of the window prevents weather from penetrating the frame
  • Wood frame can be stained in any color
  • Aluminum clad windows can be painted any color
  • Interior wood grain options like fur, alder & pine
  • SLD bars & grids

Window Installation

Installation matters. A window is only as great as the person installing it and when windows are installed incorrectly, it can cost a homeowner their warranty. EntryPoint only uses our in-house, certified window installers. We are trained & certified with each of the window brands that we carry to ensure each of our window installations run smoothly and according to warranty requirements. We are also AAMA certified, giving our customers the confidence that the products they choose are installed properly and exceed quality standards. Our friendly team strives for transparent communication on all our jobs to keep our customers informed each step of the way.  

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