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How to Get Affordable Windows and Doors with the Energy Tax Credit

Passed in 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act offers tax breaks for homeowners who purchase energy-efficient windows and doors. Using this law, homeowners can save on the cost of new windows and doors while saving energy using products that are better for the environment.

Do I Qualify for Energy Tax Credits?

If you are replacing windows or doors in your primary residence, and that residence is located within the United States, you may qualify for the following energy tax credits through the IRA: 
•    For new windows - You can claim 30% of the cost with a maximum of $600 annually. 
•    For new doors – Homeowners are limited up to $250 per door and may claim 30% of the cost with a maximum of $500 annually. 

What Products Qualify for Energy Tax Breaks?

To qualify for energy tax credits, windows and doors must meet specific criteria set by the government. Additionally, these criteria can vary depending on your climate zone. Generally speaking, eligible products need to meet a certain degree of insulation to protect against heat loss known as the U-factor. They must also allow a specific amount of solar heat enter through their doors and windows, this is referred to as the solar heat gain coefficient. To check specific guidelines and requirements and ensure the products you choose qualify for energy tax credits, visit the links below:
IRS Energy Efficiency Page 
Energy Star Website
Energy Star Climate Zone Info

Claim Your Tax Credit and Replace Windows & Doors with EntryPoint

EntryPoint Doors and Windows offers a variety of energy-efficient products eligible for tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act. To select a window or entry door simply visit our showroom in person or browse through our catalogs and request a free estimate online. We also offer in-person installation for clients within our service area across the greater Atlanta area. Once you’re ready to file for your energy tax credit, simply complete the following form and file it along with your tax return:
IRS Form 5695 – Residential Energy Credits
If you have questions regarding tax credits contact your local tax advisor or accountant for assistance. To learn more about energy-efficient windows and doors, contact EntryPoint today!

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