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Verde Windows

Verde Windows understands quality, which is why EntryPoint carries their products. They have designed high-caliber windows that capture the great look of traditional windows while significantly lowering a homeowner's carbon footprint. 

Verde Window Specs

All Verde windows have specific features that are best explained in person. However, most of their windows include the following features:

  • Double contoured sculptured design
  • ElectroFusion Welded naturally sloped sills
  • Triple weatherstrip seals
  • Polyurethane Insulated
  • Self-tensioning balances
  • Lock: Flush-mounted French lever, two on all windows over 26″ wide
  • All windows are custom manufactured on 1/8" increments

Saving Energy

Every Verde window includes four exclusive energy saving features:

UltraCore™ insulation

Verde’s double contoured narrow-line sculptured mainframe features an exclusive polyurethane core. This combination not only adds beauty and strength to our Double-Hung, but also provides a window that insulates just like your freezer door.

Open-cell PolyFoam wrap insulation

Verde Windows have an open cell polyurethane foam to insulate the space between the window and the home’s frame. This extra insulation helps to stop drafts and heat loss.

High Performance Solar Plus Glass

A 7/8″ overall dual glazed insulated glass unit featuring our exclusive Solar Plus Glass™, the SolarGuard™ spacer system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas. The SolarPlus™ coating structure is composed of eight layers of high performance reflective metallic shields, which act as two-way heat reflectors, reflecting your furnace heat back into your home during the heating seasons and the sun’s heat back outside during the cooling seasons.

Self-cleaning glass that reduces the need for chemical cleaners

SolarClean™ Self-Cleaning Glass is a permanent layer that is part of the outer glass surface. After installation, the Sun’s ultraviolet rays break down dirt and debris on the glass, which rain will then wash away. Best of all there’s no spotting or streaking, and it’s powered by nature.

Verde Warranty

New Verde windows will give homeowners years of beauty and comfort with very little care needed. However, if any part of the Verde window does not perform up to Verde's high standards, they WILL replace it — it’s that simple! Verde guarantees this through their Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty.

Verde's lifetime warranty covers the entire window and it’s fully transferable to a second property owner.

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Whether you are seeking a completely custom window solution or a traditional window replacement to upgrade your home, our local, industry-leading window replacement specialists can help. Our dedicated, no pressure team at Entrypoint Doors & Windows can help you decipher your options and find a solution that meets your needs & budget.

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