Door Transformations

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Transform your current door by upgrading it with a Glass Door Insert.

Door Transformations is one thing to help us stand apart from our competition. If your door frame is in good condition, we can ususally upgrade the door by cutting out for decorative glass and match the sides and transom to compliment the pattern. Yes, we can do 10" sidelights and custom transoms, too! This process is much less expensive than a complete door frame replacement.

Watch our video to see how we completely customize each entry door to transform the look and style of a home then, contact us to evaluate your door. We will work closely with you select one from more than 70 patterns, to get the perfect style and privacy for your home.

Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door

  1. Take your boring door and transform it into a gorgeous entryway! EntryPoint offers you a dramatic way to increase your home's curb appeal by installing decorative doorglass into your existing steel, wood or fiberglass door.
  2. In about one hour, a professional EntryPoint installer will cut a hole in your door, insert the chosen doorglass, and replace the door, with absolutely no mess or inconvenience to you!
  3. Your new entryway adds more natural light and increases the perceived value of your home by as much as six percent. What are you waiting for? Call us Today!

These installations work best with steel or fiberglass doors, as our mobile workshops are equipped to cut these specific materials. While these materials are ideal, EntryPoint can transform some wood doors as well but in some cases we replace the old wood door slab with a new fiberglass door creating better energy efficiency and making iteasier to maintain. Our transformation process is usually about half the price of replacing the entire door unit with a comparable glass pattern. Don't replace anything until you get a free door evaluation from us!

We can also replace other components of your door including sidelights. 10” sidelights are not a problem with over 70 designs to choose from and matching transoms as well. 

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At EntryPoint Doors, it is our mission to provide quality custom doors that are sure to brighten up any home. We will handle all of the work! Give us a call today and learn how to transform your front door!

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